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Join 5,000 fellow marketers and creators at the mega-conference designed to empower you with business-building ideas—brought to you by Social Media Examiner.

Here’s who this event was designed for:

#1: The experienced social media marketing professional: If your job is to manage social media marketing and you’ve been doing it for years, but you’re struggling to keep up with the ever-changing nature of social marketing, this event is for you. You’ll find lots of people just like you at this conference.

#2: The blogger, video creator, or podcaster: If you regularly create content to establish yourself or your business as a thought leader—or you want to build a sustainable business on the back of your content—we have an entire sub-conference just for you. We call it the Creator Ticket! Many of the social media marketers attending are looking for creators just like you.

Can’t relate to #1 or #2? Read this: If you’re relatively new to social media marketing or you aspire to be a creator, just know that the industry is in constant flux. This means even the most experienced marketer is often restarting the adventure, over and over. You have an opportunity to embrace the latest techniques at this event. So while this event is ideal for the experienced social marketer or content creator, even a beginner will find value.

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